Samantha Dockery


08 Feb: Destination Weddings in Italy

Last month we chatted about the top five wedding destinations in the new year. This month is a bit of a departure as we return our focus to one of the most timeless, and most continually popular, destination weddings locations – Italy!

09 Jan: The Top Five 2018 Wedding Destinations

Congratulations, you’re engaged! In the coming months you’ll be preparing for one of the biggest milestones of your life, and with that comes a lot of decision-making. Today we’re here to help make one of those decisions a bit easier—picking the dream wedding destination.
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08 Aug: 5 Things No Bride Should Forget

When planning a perfect wedding there are a number of “musts” that every bride can’t do without – the dress, a venue, the rings, and Great Aunt Millie from Greensboro. Yet, there are several less visible “musts” that are commonly overlooked. While not overly glamorous in nature, here are our five “musts” no bride should ever forget — as they say, the devil is in the details!
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08 Aug: 5 Items Currently Trending in Weddings

As professionals working in the wedding planning space, we see wedding trends come and go. Some we are happy to see fade out with time (we’re looking at you mason jars). Others, no matter how trendy, simply become lasting wedding memories (although we still love a good photo booth). Here are 5 amazing trends in the wedding space right now that you should know about!