14 May: 10 Networking Tips You Can Use on Your Next FAM Trip
Networking is one of the most powerful, yet misunderstood business skills. Here’s how you can maximize the networking opportunities on your next FAM trip. When you master the art of networking, you have the potential to make many important connections. These connections could help you to advance in your career. After all, sometimes it’s more about who you know than what you know.
07 May: 8 Challenges LGBT Face While Traveling for Business
What happens when a business trip requires an LGBT traveler to visit a country where they suffer discrimination? Could they be in danger of harassment or persecution based on their sexual orientation? What are the risks companies take when putting their LGBT employees in potentially uncomfortable or dangerous situations?
02 May: Three Things to Consider for Your Vow Renewal
As a wedding and event planner, while most of my work centers around weddings, there is an upward trend in couples electing to honor one another with vow renewals. Whether as a couple you’ll be celebrating five years of marriage, twenty, or fifty, a reaffirmation and celebration of those initial vows is always an event worth highlighting.
How Traveling Remote Workers Vacation
01 May: How Remote Workers Vacation
Remote workers have heard it a thousand times. When they explain their lifestyle to others, the response is often, “Wow, it must be nice to have all of that time off to travel.” If you are a remote worker, this statement can be pretty frustrating. It may even feel as though it invalidates all of the hard work you actually do. (It doesn’t help that even main news sources make the same mistake, such as this article from NBC News called “Permanent Vacation: Digital Nomads Work from the Road.”)
30 Apr: A Look Ahead: Where Business Travel Will Be In 10 Years
Employees on business trips a decade from now will likely be traveling in an entirely different way. Depending on how technology evolves over time, corporate trips could look very different than they do now. Let’s take a look at where business travel will be in 10 years and what the future may bring.
Our Top 5 Tips for Women Traveling for Business Today
26 Apr: Our Top 5 Tips for Women Traveling for Business Today
Female business travelers aren’t a new phenomenon, but the travel industry is starting to take note of this growing consumer group. According to a recent report by Skift, “The Rise of Female Business Travelers”, women business travelers already control 60% of the wealth in the USA and influence 85% of the purchasing decisions. Traveling as a woman brings with it some serious considerations. For instance, if you’re a female business traveler, you’ll unfortunately need to be more conscious of your safety than a male traveler.
19 Apr: Top 10 Cities for Meetings, Conferences and Events in 2018
Meetings and conventions can be significant generators of revenue for cities worldwide . Not only do events bring revenue for hotels and meeting venues, but they also support local restaurants, shops and other businesses in the area. While events are held in cities around the world, there are certain cities that really excel when it comes to creating the ideal conditions for these conferences and meetings.