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6 Ways Voice Search Can Improve Your Travel Experience

13 Jul: 6 Ways Voice Search Can Improve Your Travel Experience

Voice search is no longer a novelty – it’s a powerful trend that reflects the significant changes that are taking place in travel today. According to research from eMarketer, 40% of Millennials will have a smart assistant in their home by 2019. Based on these stats, there will be over 21 million smart speakers in the US alone by 2020.
What You Really Need to Know Before Planning a Big Wedding

20 Jun: What You Really Need to Know Before Planning a Big Wedding

Coordinating a big wedding can be incredibly exciting (and stressful!). You get to have all of your loved ones around you to celebrate your relationship. But putting it all together is not easy. There are a lot of factors that you will need to consider – and details to take care of – before you can make your special day a reality.

02 May: Three Things to Consider for Your Vow Renewal

As a wedding and event planner, while most of my work centers around weddings, there is an upward trend in couples electing to honor one another with vow renewals. Whether as a couple you’ll be celebrating five years of marriage, twenty, or fifty, a reaffirmation and celebration of those initial vows is always an event worth highlighting.
Five Uniquely Chicago Wedding Experiences

06 Apr: Five Uniquely Chicago Wedding Experiences

Though the world is my canvas as a destination wedding planner, Chicago is where I call home. As a major United States city, and popular wedding locale, today I’m sharing my top five uniquely Chicago wedding experiences. If you’re looking for something memorable and one-of-a-kind, I’ll offer some remarkable experiences and venues. Consider Chicago if you’re looking for a bit more of an ‘experience’ but who aren’t quite ready to head to more exotic locales.

09 Jan: The Top Five 2018 Wedding Destinations

Congratulations, you’re engaged! In the coming months you’ll be preparing for one of the biggest milestones of your life, and with that comes a lot of decision-making. Today we’re here to help make one of those decisions a bit easier—picking the dream wedding destination.