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Join us in Denver for our monthly meet up!

We promote a culture of camaraderie, collaboration, and cohesion within the wedding industry. It is through our relationships with one another that the wedding industry will become stronger and our businesses will be more successful. We welcome all people in the business of weddings to join our fun and festive mixers. Thursday Therapy is a place for us to meet, mingle, and share.

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What is Thursday Therapy?

In 2007, Michelle Loretta wanted wedding pros to meet in a fun casual way without any strings attached. She began gathering Seattle wedding pros monthly for “Tuesday Toast” with the intention to toast to the industry.

In 2009, Kelly Simants took the idea to Dallas and ran with it. Here, she turned the concept into “Thursday Therapy” where it gained a life of its own. Monthly, wedding pros gather to collaborate and share in a fun, laid-back and approachable environment. There are no membership fees, you can drop in for 20 minutes if that’s all the time you can spare, and you’ll meet some really cool people in a welcoming environment.

Michelle and Kelly are Co-Owners of Sage Wedding Pros, a consultancy dedicated to educating small business owners. The company’s mission is to create sustainable business in the wedding and events industries. Thursday Therapy is a branch of Sage Wedding Pros.

Thursday Therapy is where business happens!

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